Friday, October 9, 2009

Buffalo Tours Supporting WWF Restaurant Campaign in Hanoi

Buffalo Tours are supporting the new campaign launched by WWF to encourage restaurants in the Hanoi area to stop serving endangered wildlife.

A list of restaurants in support of this initiative can be downloaded from the Buffalo Tours website under our Responsible Travel tab.

These restaurants will also display a logo and poster supporting the campaign:

According to the TRAFFIC report on the wildlife trade in Hanoi, in a survey on the attitude and behaviour of Ha Noi residents toward consumption of wild animals, more than 47% of the respondents answered that they have used products from wild animals, including either or all following types: food, ornamental and health products. Of the wildlife products sold, the most popular are food in kind of specialities.

Of the people who used wildlife products, 82% indicated that they ate wildlife food. The majority of people (82% of the group) use these type of food in restaurants either in town or in the outskirts of Ha Noi. People living in Hanoi are of the belief that wildlife product consumption is popular, affordable and on the rise in this city. Since the living standard of the people has been increased, the wildlife consumption as food is at the alarmningly high rate.

Thus, the Restaurant campaign is an opportunity to communicate with and therefore help people to raise awareness of the danger faced by the endangered animals while it is also a chance for the restaurants to pledge not to serve food from endagered animals and consequently, to contribute to the reduction of illegal trade from these animals.

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