Monday, November 30, 2009

Socialist Realist statues

There are some glorious examples of Socialist Realist statues in Laos. Aficionados of these communist commemorations should not miss the superb montage at Muang Phin in Savannakhet province. Two golden statues of a Vietnamese and Lao soldier stand united against a backdrop of carved relief showing the fighting during the Second Indochina War. An elephant in battle is depicted too. Muang Phin lies close to the Ho Chi Minh Trail and a downed US helicopter lies next to the statue.

Xam Neua’s main roundabout is also dominated by a Socialist Realist collage of battle and at Vieng Xai in remote Hua Phan province, site of the secret communist city of Pathet Lao during the Second Indochina War, three golden statues of a soldier, farmer and worker are mounted on a pedestal. The worker has his foot pressed onto a golden bomb, inscribed with the words ‘USA’.

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