Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sundowners on the Mekong

Just before dusk, locals, expats and travellers wander down to the Mekong river bank in Laos’ capital to sup a Beer Lao and munch on freshly cooked food while watching the sunset. Plastic stools and tables are rolled out, small fires start burning, and huge shrimp squirm in metal bowls, ready for barbecue. This evening rite of passage is a great way to wind down. You can watch the vendors at work, take in the Thai skyline on the opposite bank and watch fisherman in the dying light in the shallows. The sky bleeds a fabulous shade of orange for quite some time before the darkness approaches. This sunset pastime, however, may not last long as a huge project to redesign the river front is underway. Land is being reclaimed, a road is to be built, gardens planted and permanent restaurant sites already ejected as the bulldozers set to work. Get there while you can still sit at these makeshift stalls on the river bank.

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