Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elephant wander, Tad Lo

Tad Lo is a small resort collected around a series of cascading falls on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos. Many folk brave the cold waters for a swim on the upper levels but one of the best ways to enjoy the area is by taking a jungle walk on an elephant. The elephants at Tad Lo Lodge are happy pachyderms and very well trained. They roam free, gorge whole branches of bananas and immerse themselves fully in the river each afternoon at bathtime watched over by a few amused hotel guests. One male and one female were chosen for our mid-morning walk. The path is narrow into the jungle and the elephants, unsure of the terrain beneath their feet, used their trunks to assess the ground and then gingerly step forward. This careful assessment of the path is vital to the elephant’s safety and makes for a blissfully slow wander in a bucolic setting. The highlight was wading through the river with the falls behind us...

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