Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hoi An so rightly offers

Departing the city of Hue I was intrigued to find out what may be in store for me when I got to my next destination of choice, Hoi An.

Greeted with a friendly smile I curiously wondered out of my hotel in to the authentic rumbled road along Hoi An’s charming promenade. The architecture was nothing short of spectacular, and amongst the traditionally carved wooden buildings, hoards of tailor made boudoirs aligned the pathway of one alleyway to another.

The restaurants on offer were catered to every individuals own specific desires, whether Vietnamese, Italian, French or Indian, Hoi An was able to provide. The temples situated in various locations in the centre of Hoi An’s bustling old quarter are defiantly worth visiting too. With rich historical background and cultural significance to Hoi An’s former past, paying the small entrance fee to each building was most defiantly worth it.

Overall, Hoi An impressed on all accounts for the average tourist looking to experience something new, and it isn’t a surprise that the reputation this old fishing town upholds, draws visitors from all over the world to experience the charismatic beauty of a town rich in culture and history that Hoi An so rightly offers.

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