Friday, January 23, 2009

Traditional Markets during Tet (Lunar New Year) in Vietnam

Some markets only open once a year and the special opening falls on Tet holidays. No matter how far away or how busy, locals still go to the market to enjoy the spring atmosphere, to seek lifetime love affairs, seek wealth or simply meet people. Tet markets are not only a trading place but also a place of unforgettable spring entertainment.

Tam Dong Market: Located in Huong Son Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province. The market opens only on the 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar year. This market is not for trading goods, but is a dating place for young boys and girls. After the conversations, they will join traditional games together, such as skirt dancing, panpipe or folklore singing.

Nam Dinh Province (Vieng Market)
The market is open only on the 8th day of the first month of the lunar year. This crowded market trades all kinds of goods. Apart from conventional goods, the market trades “buying luck, selling misfortune” items. Therefore, all people going to the Vieng Market will buy or sell something. The legend says the Vieng market worships the gods in heaven. Hence, the people going to the market normally also visit temples and pagodas in the region. With the spirit of “Selling is precious, purchasing is lucky,” most people can find their expectations in the market.

Thanh Hoa Province (Luck seeking market)
Villagers in Ha Tien Commune, Ha Trung District go to this luck seeking market on the first day of the first month of the lunar year. Thus, the Tam Bao Market is understood as a “rare and precious” market. The uniqueness of this market is the bargain. If the item costs VND500, the seller must offer at 100 times higher, or VND50,000. However, no matter where the bargain goes, the buyer only pays VND500 for the item. The agreement of “100 times up and down” makes both buyers and sellers happy because the seller can sell at exorbitant price while the buyer can buy rock-bottom price. Both will have luck throughout the year.The Tam Bao Market is not only for the trading of goods on the first day of the year but also for the exchange of smiles and beautiful words to open a new year full of luck and happiness.

Hue City (Gia Lac Market)
Gia Lac Market is in Gia Lac Commune, 3 km from downtown Hue City. The market is open only on the first day of the first month of the lunar year. The market has been existence for nearly 200 years. The founder was Dinh Vien Duke Nguyen Phuoc Binh, the fourth son of King Gia Long, founder of Nguyen Dynasty.The market sells playthings and specialty items like An Cuu fermented pork roll, Hue sesame candy, beef noodle, bloating thin cake, wedding pastry, Nam Giao banana, Nam Pho betel and areca and Huong Can mandarin.The market opens only once in a year and the most crowded session is in the morning. Chess players sit on the high bamboo towers, while the elderly enjoy An Cuu fermented pork roll with local rice wine.

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